CHIPSOURCE Europe is an independent stocking distributor of semiconductors, electronic components and computer products to the worlds original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and Contract manufacturers.
CHIPSOURCE Europe, one of the leading pioneers in the industry, helps their clients in time of need. Totally devoted to finding hard to get components, obsolete components, and of course when you need the components as soon as possible. With customer-oriented mentality, CHIPSOURCE approaches your requirements with a view to get the job done as soon as possible.

CHIPSOURCE Europe is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. The company rapidly imposed in this very competitive market thanks to its high quality customer service and its outstanding knowledge of the electronic world market. CHIPSOURCE Europe has established offices and logistics center to better serve its constantly growing international customer base.

As a worldwide leading independent distributor for electronic and semiconductor components we are considered as an important outsourcing-partner of our customers. Offering them our procurement and logistics services on a worldwide basis, we will develop to a full-service-provider for the semiconductor industry.

Guaranteed Availability and Quick Delivery
The availability of the components is guaranteed based on in house stocking capabilities and the experience of the purchasing department. With contacts all over the world, and around the clock dedication to finding the parts, CHIPSOURCE Europe is able to give you an offer on all kind of components of your request.

Quality maintanance

Quality Guarantee is a major endeavour with CHIPSOURCE Europe to insure that our customers receive the highest quality product on-time and that all specified packaging, labeling and delivery requirements are met.
Right from the procurement process, which includes vendor screening and ongoing vendor performance ratings. CHIPSOURCE Europe quality engineer and highly trained team carry out the series of test to insure that the parts that goes to our clients are of highest quality. Products undergo detailed testing and inspection, which includes: a visual inspection of products and packaging, electronic measurement and image collection, comparison of products to manufacturer specifications, functional and electronic testing of statistically selected samples. Products meeting all standards are shipped using customer specified labeling, packaging and invoicing instructions. To insure on-time delivery, preferred logistics partners are used to move products around the globe quickly and cost effectively.


Dedicated purchasing department with years of experience in finding the parts you need all around the globe 24 hours a day. The purchasing department is networked with world’s excess inventory and numerous suppliers of electronics components, which gives the edge in finding the components for you in no time and getting the best price on your components. The purchasing department is the heart of an organization in terms of saving costs – operational costs. Lot of efficiency is therefore incorporated through the purchasing department.


CHIPSOURCE Europe has a streamlined logistic department that guarantees the quality, quick and safe delivery of your shipment. With an ultra modern logistic department, CHIPSOURCE is able to control technically the quality of your components, guarantee the functionality and working along with logistics networks of FEDEX, DHL, TNT etc. We can also guarantee save and quick delivery of your shipment.